Looking for Fosters

Foster brothers Tater and Scotch would like to remind you all that some of their friends are waiting on foster (or better yet, forever) homes.

Nova, in the upper right hand corner, is a wonderfully sweet girl who loves people and even other animals. Nova has a dominant personality (not to be confused with aggressive, as people sometimes do). This means that after a few weeks in a foster home, she can get bossy if allowed to. She is a very smart girl and if you give her an inch, she’ll take a mile. She needs someone who will be a leader, set her ground rules and guidelines and be consistent with her on a daily basis. She has met a lot of our volunteers and even gone to meet Curtis Scott Dog Trainer. All agree she’s a great dog, extremely friendly, loves to cuddle, not at all fearful.
When we say a dog needs a strong leader, that does not mean that she needs someone who is going to be a harda**, or mean, or put her in a pinch collar and walk around popping it – not even close. It means a person who is simply committed to working with her everyday. Exercises and training activities to keep her mind engaged, keep her focused on her person, and let her know she doesn’t have to lead because her home already has a leader. Nova truly is a sweetheart and anyone interested in her should know that we will provide training support.

Lower right hand is Nico, still waiting on a home. Nico is very sweet, affectionate, takes treats gently, good on a leash and likes to go for walks. No really little kids and a calmer (I’m not talking a monastery, just not overly active) environment, since being blind in one eye can make him a little bit skittish.

And Rufus, poor guy in the lower left hand corner. We are still trying to find a foster home to get him pulled from the shelter. He is visually impaired after suffering some abuse and is absolutely petrified. We need to get him in a loving home ASAP to help him begin to heal.

Fostering costs you nothing but time and patience and love. For more information, please contact us at ABRAangels@gmail.com.