ABRA Supporters

We love the local support we receive from businesses who push our cause. Please support the businesses that support us!

Nina G Photography-

Nina G Photography was founded on the premise of saving shelter animals lives. Dogs and cats that have been in shelters and rescues, needing a forever home. She captures images of these animals in their best nature and shows their true personality. Check her out on Facebook here.

Landheim Training Center-

Owner Bob Fleming has been training dogs most of his life. Since he was a child dogs have been his passion! With 40 year experience training all breeds of dogs from puppy class and family pet obedience to advanced competition dogs. Private lessons, group classes or in-kennel training. We train for Schutzhund competition as well as full service police k9 teams. Check them out on Facebook here or at http://www.landheimk9.com/.

Grindhouse Cafe-

Grindhouse Cafe, located in Griffith, Indiana, is a wonderful spot for fresh, unique brews of coffee, teas, and delicious treats from pastries and sandwiches. Check them out on Facebook here.

Curtis Scott-

Curtis Scott, owner of Canis Familiaris, has a reputation for working with multiple organizations dedicated to improving the quality of the lives of animals through rescue, rehabilitation, re-homing, training, education and outreach. He has an extensive background with over 15 years of hands-on training experience, with a specialty in working with and rehabilitating aggressive or difficult dogs.  Check him out on Facebook here or at http://www.csdogtrainer.com/home.

Woof Life-

Woof Life is located on Summit in Crown Point, Ind. One of our dogs is on a special diet and his food is rather pricey. It is over $3 CHEAPER at Woof Life than it is at one of the big “P” chain stores, yet another reason to shop small business! Woof Life has reasonable prices on high grade food and treats. Plus, every accessory a dog could ever want. The store also caters to our feline friends with toys and great food. Check them out on Facebook here or at http://www.wooflife.com/.

Fifth Amendment Bar-

Located in Hammond, Ind, just north of 169th on Kennedy Ave, this bar super rescue friendly and has some of the best bartenders around.  They have daily drink specials, free pool on Mondays, and beer pong on Fridays. Chem them out on Facebook here.